the ecohome

features at a glance

 1	Flat-plate solar collectors for heating water
 2	Roof insulation 300/400mm 	thick, made 
	of shredded surplus newspapers
 3	Roof lights with insulating (low emmissivity) 
 4	Natural plasters - clay and lime based
 5	Super-insulated hot water tank
 6	100mm ozone friendly drylining to front face 
	to maintain exterior brick appearance
 7	150mm exterior wall insulation with 
	rendered finish
 8	Space saving bath and thermostatic shower 
	controls can save water
 9	Heat recovering fans limit ventilation heat 
10	Environmetally friendly paints
11	Draught lobby in porch
12	Triple- and double-glazed timber windows 
	treated with natural fungicides and stains
13	Energy efficient appliances
14	Second hand, natural and reclaimed furniture
15	Stripped floorboards
16	Copper rainwater goods with filter for rain 
17	160mm natural floor insulation
18	Rainwater storage for use in WCs, washing
	machine and outside tap
19	Low-flush WCs
20	Non PVC waste pipes
21	Composting chamber for solid waste from 
22	Separator lets liquids drain off and solids into 
	composting chamber
23	Decking from English green Oak provides 
	longevity without toxic pressure treatment
24	Organic land management utilising the 
	principles of permaculture. Growing our own 
	food saves on packaging and transport.



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