The world is full of wonders and creativity at the same time. It would be difficult to come to terms that a well-educated architect would sit down and even think of coming up with a crazy idea of designing an out of this world building. Well, as absurd as it may sound, it really is true. The beauty behind the crazy designed buildings is that they’re amazing and really attractive to the eye. Seems being strange sometimes can turn out to be a good thing.

With the building of structures nowadays being on the rise, it wouldn’t hurt to take a sit back and think of a strange, yet amazing building to put on the ground. On the contrary, it’s a beautiful day of creating history in the most unique ways. For an architecture, waking up one day with a brilliant idea to create one peculiar building is normal. However, as everything that happens on earth has a reason, there’s motivation behind the great idea to be played out.

Nowadays, in the building world, it’s no longer about who can create the tallest building in existence. After all, there are already plenty in the world. The aim is to create new designs which will make people’s mouth open talking about the buildings, the buildings named below are some of the strangest and amazing buildings that actually do exist. To make the situation better, they have been put in place by very clever architects. The list of strange buildings in the world is endless. With each holding a secret behind its existence, they’re truly amazing structures which have been put up be powerful and gifted hands.

The crooked house in Sopot, Poland. Its name in polish simply translates to crazy just from its structure and happens to be one of the most photographed building in Poland. It was designed by Architect Szotynscy Zaleski.

Device to rout our evil in Vancouver, Canada. This is actually a church, however it’s just a sculptor who’s designs qualifies in the crazy building list

Rotating Tower of Dubai, UAE. Taking a look at this house twice, you get two different views, isn’t that just wonderful. It’s a marvelous building engineered by Dr. David Fisher with rotating floors.

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA. The books that are seen were selected by the public who choose books that they felt defined who they were. The view is meant to hide the Library’s car park. It’s the oldest (founded in 1873 A.D) and third largest building public Library in Kansas City.

Dancing Building in Prague, Czech Republic. Designed in 1992 by a collaboration of architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry of Canada. It was completed in 1996. It’s a glass building surrounded by historical buildings with the top floor hosting Celeste restaurant.

Forest Spiral Building, Darmstadt, Germany. This is a residential complex with a unique façade whose window patterns make it appear like they’re dancing out of order. It was designed by Hundertwasser, a Viennese, and was finally built by Architect Heinz Springmann.

The Basket Building, Ohio, USA. This actually looks like a rooted huge picnic basket. On the contrary, it’s a 7-storey building which happens to be the world’s largest basket at 192ft long by 126ft wide at the bottom and 208ft long by 142ft at the roofline.

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