A house can’t be complete without a good design. You might have a good house but without a good design your house will not look awesome. Architectures spend hours making and creating new designs so as to make interior designing magnificent as they recognize that a good house without an exquisite design is not beautiful to the eyes. Here are the top 2016/7 design trends brought by the experts from Romantic Valentine's Gift for Her.

Modern Metallics

In 2016, this design has been able to bring glamour and sophistication to any living room or space. You can either add a slick touch with chrome or silver. You can also warm a room with copper, rose gold or gold. It is particularly excellent for school designing. One thing that sets it apart from other metallic design of previous year is it is flexible to mix and match.

Sustainable design

As we all know that society is influenced by culture and this year there has been a big push towards interiors that are eco-friendly. It is vital to focus on making use of interior design elements that have an exquisite look just as sustainability architecture prides on mixing and blending function and form.

To achieve this goal, make sure you incorporate natural materials like stone or wood into your interiors.

Outdoor Prints

This are prints are found naturally in nature. This year has witnessed a comeback of decors, animal prints and florals that are plant inspired. It will especially give you a bold look if implemented. It awesome when used on one or 2 pieces that are meant to be the focal point of your space.

Groovy Geometrics

If you want your space or room to be loud and speak out then use this interior design of 2016. It will add visual interest to your room due to the geometric shapes you put. This design is a continuation of the shapely trends of 70s and it is turning heads.

The awesome thing about this trend is that is can be easily used with other design trends.

Bold Blues

If you want the hues to use this year like cobalt, royal blue and navy, then use this excellent design trend of 2016. It is quite versatile as it can be easily used with other design trends you may have already implemented.

It is truly relaxing and intricate.

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